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Road & Triathlon Shoes

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  1. Shimano Shoe RP1 (Black)
    Shimano RP1 Shoes Black
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  2. Shimano RC300 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC300 Shoes Black
    $169.99 $159.00 $143.10
  3. Shimano RC100 Shoes Black
    Shimano RC100 Shoes Black
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  4. Shimano IC500 Womens Shoes Black
    Shimano IC500 Womens Shoes Black
    $179.99 $169.00 $152.10

20 Items

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Our Range of Road and Triathlon shoes

Road cycling shoes open up a whole new level of possibilities for you and your bike out on the road. Ride faster with less effort and improved comfort with clipless cycling shoes. Cycling shoes clip into the pedals so that you don’t slip and have complete control over your pedals. When you’re clipped in you will maximise power transfer on the downstroke and also be able to transfer power on the backstroke, something not possible with normal shoes. While the stiffer soles will give you a balanced platform to apply your pedalling power, further improving power transfer and minimising discomfort.

Entry-level shoes will be designed with a nylon shank stiffness while our high-end performance road shoes are built with a much stiffer carbon shank for the best power transfer. To top it all off, road cycling shoes are specifically built for road cycling so they’ll last longer as they’re made from durable materials. So you’ll get a lot longer than you would if you were wearing a pair of joggers on flat pedals.

Triathlon Shoes

Top triathlon cycling shoes are very similar to road cycling shoes, with a few differences to make that second leg of your triathlon a bit easier. Triathlon shoes are built for easy transition, typically with on strap that opens outwards and a pull tab on the heel to remove your shoes for the run. They are often seamless so that you don’t have to wear socks, while also being incredibly breathable. Even if you’re not a triathlete these shoes might suit you if you’re after a simple and easy design.

At 99 Bikes we stock the best road cycling brands such as Shimano, Giro, Northwave and Fizik. When it comes to choosing your next pair of shoes it really comes down to your ideal blend of comfort, performance and budget. Choose the shoes to suit your riding and you’ll enjoy every ride in efficient comfort. Our range of road cycling shoes and triathlon shoes are available to buy online or instore from your local 99 Bikes.

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