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Kids Helmets

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  1. Hornit Shark Kids Helmet
    Hornit Shark Kids Helmet
    $69.99 $64.00 $57.60
  2. Hornit Pug Kids Helmet
    Hornit Pug Kids Helmet
    $69.99 $64.00 $57.60
  3. Hornit Flamingo Girls Helmet
    Hornit Flamingo Kids Helmet
    $69.99 $64.00 $57.60
  4. Hornit Unicorn Girls Helmet
    Hornit Unicorn Girls Helmet
    $69.99 $64.00 $57.60
  5. Hornit Kids Helmet Black
    Hornit Kids Helmet Black
    $69.99 $64.00 $57.60
  6. Hornit Jurassic Kids Helmet
    Hornit Jurassic Kids Helmet
    $69.99 $64.00 $57.60
  7. Azur T26/36 Helmet Aussie
    Azur T26/36 Helmet Aussie
    $59.99 $35.00 $31.50

Items 1-36 of 128

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Huge Range of Kids & Toddler Helmets

Biking is a fantastic activity for kids. On top of being a great deal of fun out in the fresh air, it helps kids of a certain age to improve their balance and coordination. Babies and many toddlers, on the other hand, enjoy it because they get to sit back and relish the view while mum or dad do all the heavy lifting.

We have a massive selection of styles and colours across our range of children’s, babies and toddlers helmets.

When buying a helmet for a child, consider the same factors as though you were buying a bike helmet for yourself - the ideal helmet needs to be comfortable, durable and the correct size. It helps to ensure that you choose a helmet colour and design that your child will love to ensure that they’ll want to wear it every time they jump on their bike.

All helmets in our range provide protection for your child in line with Australian safety standards and are compliant with Australian Bicycle Helmets Regulations. As you move up the range, the key differences are generally around lessening the weight and increasing the amount of ventilation, improving your child’s comfort.

Most Popular Brands of Kids Bikes

Baby Helmets

Compared to adult helmets, the main difference with baby helmets is that they generally use in-mold construction, where the plastic outer shell is fused to the inner foam. By comparison, the hard shell of adult helmets may be glued or taped to the foam.

Toddler Helmets

Toddler bike helmets, much like baby bike helmets, feature a flat helmet back. This allows for child bike seat and child trailer use.

Youth Helmets

Youth bike helmets are typically suitable for kids from the age of six and are considered to effectively be small adult helmets in vibrant colours and fun designs.

Kids BMX, Skate and Scooter Helmets

Kids BMX bike helmets, also referred to as skate helmets or scooter helmets are extremely similar to traditional adult BMX bike helmets. Kids BMX helmets offer funner design and more colour options while often featuring lighter, more durable materials. Many skate helmets feature front visors to add protection for your children when they're out riding in the sun for extended periods.

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