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  1. Endura Xtract II Jacket Black
    Endura Xtract II Jacket Black
    $149.99 $134.00 $120.60
  2. BBB Baseshield Jacket Black
    BBB Baseshield Jacket Black
    $49.99 $44.00 $39.60
  3. Endura Hummvee Vest Black
    Endura Hummvee Vest Black
    $79.99 $72.00 $64.80
  4. Jacket Endura Windchill Black
    Endura Windchill Jacket Black
    $179.99 $159.00 $143.10
  5. Jacket BBB TriGuard Winter Black
    BBB TriGuard Winter Jacket Black
    $159.99 $127.00 $114.30

Items 1-36 of 47

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Our Range Of Cycling Jackets & Vest

When you need a bit more warmth, cycling specific Jackets and Vests offer the optimal level of warmth, ventilation and protection for active riders. Particularly if you're setting off for a wet ride, a Jacket will protect your arms and torso from the rain, while still being lightweight and non-restrictive. A Vest is perfect for cooler rides where you just want to block some of the wind chill around your chest. Vests are generally wind proof at the front, and well ventilated at the back to prevent over heating. They're also lightweight and compact enough to take off and tuck into your Jersey pockets if you do get too hot. Find the right Cycling Jacket and Vest via our buying guide here.

Cycling Jackets

Cycling Jackets aren't just for winter, different styles and types of Cycling Jackets have various uses and benefits. Hi-Vis Cycling Jackets (High Visibility Jackets) are especially good for the early morning, late afternoon riders and commuter riders to help with safety whilst riding on the road. These Jackets help to keep rider visible to faster moving cars in the dark by reflecting light. Another style of Jacket is the Water Proof Jacket, which is handy for commuters and the committed rider where the weather may have turned you away with a Water Proof Jacket you'll be able to keep your torso and arms dry while riding your Bike.

Cycling Vests

Cycling Vests are great for most conditions with their lightweight engineering and ease of use whilst riding. If you become to hot while on the go a Vest can be unzipped to let air-flow in or completely removed and rolled into a Jerseys back pouch. Hi-Vis Vest's are also available and are a great alternative to Jackets in certain weather conditions and the ability to store them in smaller spaces.

99 Bikes carry the best Womens Cycling Jackets & Vests, Mens Cycling Jackets & Vests, Cycling Jackets, Cycling Vests and Cycling Clothing from the best brands like Bellwether, Endura, FOX, and more. Shop in-store and online at 99 Bikes.

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