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Electric Road Bikes

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Our Range of Electric Road Bikes For Sale

At 99 Bikes we have a wide range of Electric Road Bikes for sale. Electric road bikes are lightweight and give you the extra power needed to get up those steep hills, or keep up with your fitter friends on those long rides. Test Ride one today at your local 99 Bikes store today. We have the best brands at the lowest prices, Guaranteed!

Electric Road bikes can be broken down into two main categories, Flatbar and Drop bar.

Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat bar road bikes are at the entry-level of road riding, they offer a more upright and comfortable riding position but still have lightweight components and skinny tyres to make cycling long distances far more achievable.

Drop Bar Road Bikes

Drop Bar Road Bikes are a classic and have been around almost as long and cycling has been a sport. Drop bars are considered far superior for climbing hills as you can get your weight further forward and really push through the pedals. The general riding position for road bikes with drop handlebars is more aero dynamic.

Why Choose an Electric Road bike

  • Climb Hills with Ease
  • Minimal resistance over 25kph
  • Less stress on knees and legs

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