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Adult Commuter Scooters

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Our Range Of Commuter Scooters For Sale

Adult Commuter Scooters are a very practical solution for those who are looking for a versatile, compact machine for travelling to and from work. They especially come in handy for those who live further outside the city centre may have multiple legs on their commute, requiring them to go between multiple methods of public transport. The easy foldability allows you to neatly store the scooter underneath a seat, and the lightweightedness means you can carry it while you’re standing.

And let’s not forget to mention - they’re also a great option when it comes to leisure riding!

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying A Commuter Scooter

The most important considerations to make when researching a new commuter scooter are:

  • How practical is it for your intended use?
  • How well does it perform on the surfaces you will primarily be riding it on?
  • How comfortable is it to ride?

Every rider is different in terms of preferences and needs and will answer the above differently. However, the Wheel Size and Deck Size are two specifications that can provide a lot of insight in the early stages of your research.

Wheel Size

Scooter Wheel Size is measured by diameter, where anything greater than 180mm is generally considered large.

You can expect most of the range to have a wheel size above 200mm, up to 230mm. The benefit of larger wheels is that the rider will glide further for each and every push they do. Larger wheels also make for a smoother ride, more easily passing over or through rocks and debris on the path. Keep in mind that as the size of the wheel increases, so too does the overall weight of the scooter.

Deck Size

Deck size is generally dependent on the size of the wheels, whereby as wheel size increases, so does the size of the deck.

Riders may prefer a larger deck because it makes it easier to hop on & hop off, and allows for a more comfortable foot position. As with wheel size, a larger deck size typically means more weight and therefore more effort to speed up and slow down.

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